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hungry not?

Photographer Ron Schmidt has a new adorable series of photos called “Looseleashes.” Schmidt takes these creative portraits of dogs, and then gives them clever names (check out the names under the stickers). The photos of the dogs are not only.

Rawrrrr!! Not my usual phodography pin, but I couldn't resist! #dog #boston_terrier #dinosaur

One day I will have a Boston Terrier and he/she will fight dinosaurs!

My Boston terrier absolutely LOVED baths!

Boston terrier art, Bath Time - Boston Terrier Dog Art print by rubenacker

Gas powered

Skunk Halloween Costume of a Boston Terrier Dog! *****I HAVE this costume! In, fact, this could be my Boston, but mine won't quilt chasing the tail! So funny!

Bostons ♥ you cannot find a dog more loving, loyal, and at the same time adorable

Such a happy Frenchie! you can't help but smile at his happy face!

Imagen de dog, cute, and pug

Love those pug slippers & his face.

Definition of Boston

My Boston definitely doesn't know the meaning of “personal space.” haha so true but thats why we love em!