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Science/compost - great for young kids to see

Science/compost - brilliant for young kids to see. This would make a great homeschooling science project.

Rainbow Roses-    You may think this is a photoshop or man made or painted rose.well no,this beautiful roses are 99% natural.this flowers are now available in UK for the 1st time..  it seems there is a little science in this roses.plant extract are inserted in the rose plant stem when they are grown.  this beautiful rather expensive roses will take 30$ per rose....

Another science fair idea: Make rainbow roses by splitting the stems into strands and placing each one in food coloring. The roses draw the food coloring into the petals.Hmmm not a bad idea for Amarah's Science Fair Project!

Will try this week... Fun...At-Home Science Experiments: Color-Changing Milk | Parents | Scholastic.com

At-Home Science Experiments: Color-Changing Milk

Color Changing Milk It& an explosion of color! Some very unusual things happen when you mix a little milk, food coloring, and a drop of liquid soap. Use this experiment to amaze your friends and uncover the scientific secrets of soap.

carnation science experiment: rainbows (love love love this idea!  can't wait to try it)

Carnation science experiment: rainbows of color. White carnations soak up food color and can be dyed any color you choose.

zaadjes in een cdhoesje, je ziet precies hoe alles groeit onder de grond

Science Fair Project idea: Grow seeds in a CD case for viewing. She could grow beans, and seeds and see which ones grew faster.

Foaming Science Experiment Project – 4th of July

Elephant Toothpaste - cup hydrogen peroxide liquid is a solution, which can be found at a beauty supply store or hair salon), 1 Tbs (one packet) of dry yeast, 3 Tbs of warm water, liquid dish washing soap and food coloring

Spring has finally sprung! It's time to get outdoors with your little sprouts and have fun exploring, learning and playing. The garden is a great place to enjoy the best spring has to offer as a family. To get started, check out these 10 inspired gardening projects for kids.

10 Inspired Gardening Projects for Kids

Garden in a Glove lesson plan and activity. Great plant cycle activity for preschool and elementary school aged students.

fun kids science activity - make plastic out of common kitchen ingredients! Definitely trying this one!

Make Your Own Plastic Out of Vinegar and Milk

Did you know that you can make plastic out of milk and vinegar? Simple, impressive, and fun science experiment! art and craft fun for the boys moulding material

Leak-Proof Bag experiment, great for beginning of year science and introducing or reinforcing the Scientific Method

mad scientist week - Leak-Proof Bag experiment, great for beginning of year science and introducing or reinforcing the Scientific Method

tuinboon laten ontkiemen

A great way for kids to watch a seed grow. Lots of other kid-friendly gardening ideas, too. A great way for kids to watch a seed grow. Lots of other…

Fun Chemistry Experiment: Learn how to spear a water filled bag without creating a leak. :)

Lots of science "tricks." This is super cool & really freaked out a room of of grade Sunday school kids.

Plastic cup terrarium bean stalks!  We're making ours this week.

DIY greenhouses with clear plastic cups.already brought my baby succulents and the mama succulent to room plants only grow from a seed you ask?Some plants can grow when you plant a leaf!

Pink and Green Mama: * Life-Sized Body Map Kid's Art Project

Human Body Science Unit - Life-sized body map looks like a creative anatomy lesson. Looks like long balloons for the intestines.

growing lima beans in a cd case to see the entire growth of the plant

Growing bean plants in CD cases so all the parts can be seen. Have kids write about their finding and act out/ put together a dance describing the life cycle from seed to plant (Movement, writing, science)