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50s flirtation. It felt so good having a boy take notice of you and call you and want to see you for a date. B.

Flirting found photo print street style men women vintage fashion car sweater skirt pants hair day casual

1950s life Shopping in heels and a beautiful dress.

Grocery shopping in heels, Notice the wooden delivery crates on the Coca Cola delivery truck.

Cars used to have a bench front seat. No comment on any other accessories.

Clipping on her seat belt in a car from the plastic (vinyl) upholstered bench front seat, short-shorts, rocket bra, and heals. Love her long legs and that the car is standard shift.

1950s Drive-in Movie

18 Things Every Man Should Do This Summer

Young couple snuggling behind the wheel of his convertible as they watch large screen action behind rows of cars at a drive-in movie theater in Los Angeles, CA. Photograph taken by J. Eyerman, I miss drive-ins

Yo paso tiempo con mi padre. Nosotros viendo television y ir a pescar en algun momento.

You're more likely to dream in grey if you grew up watching black and white TV, study reveals

More of the family, watching TV: focused, well groomed. Totally get a sense of "family" even tho their backs are to us.

gangues de NY, 1950

Fotografias de gangues de Nova York nos anos 50

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+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+  Posing and then.... a gust of wind.

This so could be Mom and her two youngest sisters. Second youngest(L) always singing and life of the party. At first glance the resemblance is uncanny. +~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Posing and then. a gust of wind.

U.S. A young lady sitting on a car in Shrewsbury, Missouri, c.1945.

A young lady sitting on a car in Shrewsbury, Missouri, fashion day dress rayon novelty print cotton bobbie socks shoes war era WWII

1962 - photo by Elliott Erwitt

1962 - photo by Elliott Erwitt kitsch rockabilly vintage black and white art photo for wall

Pink Cadillac

Timeless travel style: monochromatic styling and a silk scarf to boot.Seated on the wing-back of a red 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, model wearing a suede cardigan lined in guanaco, over a caramel wool turtleneck and pants Photo John Rawlings 1958