i was on a search to find some type of storage display for my collection of sunglasses. i searched on amazon and several other wholesale sites. the cheapest i could find was a cardboard one, starting at 50$. of course all the ones i liked started off at 150$. well doing a lotta spring cleaning in my garage i stumbled across a white wire shelf. after a litte observation, i stood the shelf up length wise and walla, my sunglass storage and it did not cost me a dime. hoarder recycler, thats me:)

I have a smaller spare wire rack! with a little bit of paint and all I need is a way to hang this up on the wall and bammmm. A awesome sunglasses rack!

Cut the bottom of your shoe organiser and you have a wrapping station! From tenth avenue south: Closet organization

My favorite setup for my wrapping paper collection. DIY ● Wrapping Paper Organizer ● door shoe rack with bottoms cut out to hold wrapping paper.

This is a cool accessory because it serves as a sunglasses holder along with being decorative for the room.

DIY Closet Organization

Evelyn needs this for her sunglasses! Sugar Filled Closet: Sunglasses Organization DIY - I've got to try this myself wit all my accessories.looks cool and saves room too!