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The Lovely Ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

The upcoming Harry Potter Movie is soon to be released. i am making a new costume for this event and i have decided that .

Bellatrix - Villain Affirmation Posters by Christopher Ables

10 Villain Affirmation Posters To Help You Get Through The Day - art by Christopher Ables

Skeeter, Mad Eye, McGonagall & Dumbledore at a quidditch match

Rita Skeeter (Miranda Richardson), Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody (Brendan Gleeson), Minerva Mcgonagall (Maggie Smith), Albus Dunbledore (Michael Gambon) spectators at the Tri-Wizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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The moment when I knew that Deathly Hallows was going to be way to emotional for me. But would be amazing.

Most emotional HP film opening, bar none.it is Hermione casting obliviate on her parents

#HarryPotter_TheDeathlyHallows Part 1 (2010)

I wish rude men had cat-called Hermione, angering Ron, like they did in the book. It made for a cute Hermione Ron moment.

Minerva McGonagall, she's my favorite. @Courtney Clark

Minerva McGonagall, she's my favorite. Baker Baker Clark plus maggie smith is f&/)ing awesome

“You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us?