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Cancer zodiac sign ♋ They will talk when they feel like it.

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! If we care, we will react in some way. Even if it is anger but when you get no reaction, that means we really don't care about you anymore.

I have patience... Your so lucky...

Cancer Zodiac Sign ~ You better learn how to appreciate a Cancer or surely someone else will. Not many people will put up with your bullshit like they can.


This is soooooooo true for me, unless you have the answer to my problem, don't say anything to me until I'm ready to talk it out.

@griffinzaro @divalieve @lilliemueller94 @vj1117 @bellaturnip123 basically

Haaaahahahaha cancers are selfish eaters and hate sharing food, so if they share their food, they must really like you

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ when angry. Words can hurt more than a hit, but when a Cancer combines both, Watch Out!

Zodiac Files: When Cancer Is Angry. I find this so funny as it is so true. I scare myself when I am angry but it takes a lot to get me 'boiling angry' there is no in between and when I flip, I proper flip !

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Yes true and as like the tides of the Sea, our moods can fluctuate throughout the day!