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Fitness Magazine's top 100 songs for exercise--better than many of the lists because it actually links to itunes, where you can hear a clip of the song

Workout Playlists

Tips to Enjoy Winter Running

Weather Wise

I love running in the winter! Awesome tips for running outside in the winter-I'm already gearing up for some outdoor winter runs!

Bucket list! Nike Women's Marathon in SF - You are given a Tiffany's necklace by a firefighter in a tux when you finish!- i need to start running further!!!!!

15 Best Marathons for First-Timers to Run

Nike Women's Marathon in SF - You are given a Tiffany's necklace by a firefighter in a tux when you finish! If that doesn't motivate you to finish, I don't know what will! Wow but can I use my firefighter in a tux?

5 Ways to Make Running Feel Easier. For such a short article, there were some fresh tips on beginners running.

These 5 Tips Will Make Running Feel Easier, We Promise

5 ways to make running feel easier. As I am going to start running when weather turns softer, I'm going to need these tips :D

Treadmills are one of the best workouts for saddlebags.

Do Treadmills Help You Lose Saddlebags?

Three Treadmill Workouts For Winter.sometimes all I have time for is the treadmill so I need to make sure I'm pushing myself!

How to tie your running shoes to fit your feet better. a podiatrist showed her this trick! wow - the high arches, vs. wide foot tie is fantastic. So many different ties!

Running Shoe Lacing Techniques

how to tie running shoes to better fit your foot shape // Running Shoe Lacing Techniques katieRUNSthis this is really helpful if you have high arches and need to take the pressure off of the arch bone. I am thrilled to learn this after all this time!

Half Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

16-Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

Love these ideas. I'm getting back on track with my food and exercise after falling off the wagon for far too long-How to Lose Belly Fat When Running