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Now, THAT'S interesting...

454 magnum revolver with 30 mm grenade launcher. I want one. It looks kinda like something Hellboy would carry

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TOP 10 mejores pistolas.

TOP 10 mejores pistolas.

"The Beretta From the jungle heat of Panama to the sandstorms of Iraq, the U. Armed Forces have counted on Beretta pistols for almost two decades of distinguished service. The Beretta’s premier full metal gun, most resembles the military pistol.

Colt Model 1848 'Dragoon' // Photo captured by Jonathan Marmand

Colt Model 1848 'Dragoon' // Photo captured by Jonathan Marmand

Look at these Vintage Silver guns....MFN beautiful. I think they are circa 1911... But not sure.

Look at these Vintage Silver guns. I think they are circa…

Guns and horses!  What more could a girl want?

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2006 CCA "Louisville Gun" Engraved by Mike Dubber. It won 2009 FEGA Best Engraved Hand Gun The detailing is amazing! Love the horses

Wacom-Inkling-lapiz-digital-para-dibujar-1 Falta mucho para q una tablet se use como una wacom

Inkling Digital Sketch Pen by Wacom: McGaughey! No tablet! Draw on anything and record your strokes to a digital file. Pen I NEED THIS PRODUCT!

Zeiram automatic

heaven4d: Zeiram & Zeiram 2 Asian Cyberpunk old

Gun Specs | Kel-Tec KSG | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews | https://guncarrier.com/kel-tec-ksg-price/

Kel-Tec KSG A bullpup shotgun from Kel-Tec with an average capacity of Initially only available in black, you can now find them in olive drab and tan/flat dark earth. I’ve heard Kel-Tec is on.

This is a pretty sweet revolver

Okay I want this gun. But I also want it as a tattoo. Or I could get my leopard print revolver on me.

Nice color pattern. Helps break up the outline of a fully black gun

Nice color pattern on this Helps break up the outline of a fully black gun

Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today! http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind

I can only dream of Custom Punisher 1911 Pistols


I imagine Kit carries someting like this (but probably shorter) that is made by her family's weapons division. - Concept manta gun/pistol by *peterku on deviantART - sci-fi weapon