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The most-highlighted passage in my novel TURNING FOR HOME says a lot about readers and their relationship with horses.

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Yeah pretty much. It's never JUST a horse. When people say that it makes me want to smack them...

dont let anyone say tht a horse is just a horse and is not ur soulmate tell them yes it is it also made me what i am today and move on that even happend to me i live to ride a horse is my life

You never grow out of it! Hens Horses & Homesteading #henshorseshomesteading #horsefunnies #funnyhorses #horses #lovehorses

So funny and cute.and also so true! I guess I just never grew out of my obsessed with horses phase.

Hard hard day... We had to have one of our horses put down. She was my Dads 1st. We have had her since I use to ride way back.

People dont understand horses just do. I wouldnt be here without my best friend Cousin (my horse) getting me through life.

horseback riding is the hardest sport!

you wouldnt believe the people that come up to me and say barrel racing or riding horses is not a sport. It is so true.

Always have your ears open!

"Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh