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His Slave (BillDip✨Yaoi✨Smut) - Chapter Three ~ Oink Oink - Wattpad

His Slave (BillDip✨Yaoi✨Smut) - Chapter Three ~ Oink Oink

His Slave (BillDip✨Yaoi✨Smut) - Chapter Three ~ Oink Oink - Wattpad

i completely went nuts with the idea of trauma induced vindictive will (rev!bill cipher) because there has to be at least a little bit satisfaction in hurting a person that looks exactly like your former abusive ex (even if you love that person) @swiftboone i’m blaming you ;O; <3 <3 this is inspired by this awesome comic by her :’D also; i still love @obsidianchameleon‘s rev!ford design the most, with the fur cape and the massive jewel ;u;

but maybe they could be friends and help each other heal? who knows man reverse falls/gravity falls crossovers are wild

Don't cha think? by cjwolf207.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The first time I saw the commercial for "Sock Opera" I honestly thought that it was going to be stupid. One day I was on, and it was SO FRICKEN AMAZING