What Does The Fridge Say << THAT.

What Does The Fridge Say?

Funny Pictures Dump Of The Day – 90 Pics

Funny pictures about Smells fresh. Oh, and cool pics about Smells fresh. Also, Smells fresh.


Every time. Creating a cabbage Sorry, the must be more than 8 characters. boiled cabbage Sorry, the must contain f numerical character,.

Children's books not to write- NEXT CREATIVE WRITING CLUB I'm giving everybody this list and they have to choose one.

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The creative writing class at my school is writing childrens books This is a list the teacher made of books not to write<<this is hilarious

HILARIOUS detention slips!!! These kids shoulda gotten an award, not a detention slip

Amazing Reasons to Get Detention - I like the Hunger Games one the best. That or the one where the student corrected the teacher (after all, a mile IS longer than a kilometer) but got detention anyways.

Kane is my spirit animal

The Man Who Broke Up With His Cheating Girlfriend via Memes.omfg this is so funny

Three-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes -- click for link to full list

Three-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes

Three-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes. Stuff kids say. Funny comments from a three year old! Greta, 3 years old.