Everyone misses Bobby.

Bobby Singer was the best. But his guy, lost everybody he knew , his mother became a purgatory monster and abandoned him. When he tried to tell people and they locked him up and called him crazy. Bobby is the first person to express empathy.

I died during this scene

This scene broke my heart. But I'm glad Dean was able to adress his issues with his mother. I just wish Sam could too.

I didn't have much opinion on Sheriff Jody Mills at first, but now I freakin' love that woman!

[SET OF GIFS] Slash Fiction Aww, I miss Bobby and sheriff Mills. Separately and together. So sad they threw the idea of them together out there and then killed off poor Bobby

12x11 Regarding Dean

Supernatural - "Dean Winchester is going to die" "Sucks for that guy"

I miss Bobby!

He's just so sassy. That's the root of all my sassy sarcasm. <<<< Bobby wins hands down!

I love Bobby. He was only supposed to be in one episode but his character made such an impact on the show and the audience, that he just had to stay.

Supernatural - Sam & Dean

[GIF Fan Fiction Having this is the episode has wonderful. Mainly because for us, in this universe, we have always understood the significance and importance of "Carry On My Wayward Son" as it pertains to the Winchesters and Supernatural story.

When put like that, it just makes me sad

This episode was so suspending and serious Castiels comment caught me off guard and I burst out laughing 😂 😂 😂 I love my angel!