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Phyllis Galembo - Portraits Of Africa's Amazing Masquerade: Yegueresso Village, Burkina Faso, 2006 ---

bambara of the upper senegal, west africa

Mungo Park discovers Mumbo Jumbo in 18th Century West Africa

A pair of Chi Wara dancers on the foro ba (big field) bent over their sunsun canes Africa, Mali, Bamana Culture (Photo by Dr.

Photographic exhibitions and special projects by Phyllis Galembo, including Egungun and Gelede masquerade, Benin.

Resultado de imagem para bijagos islands beautiful

Dance, Bijagós Islands, Atlantic Ocean, Part of the African nation of Guinea-Bissau

"Yaie Masquerade", Bansie Vilage, Burkina Faso 2006 photo by Phyllis Galembo

Steven Warrick Phyllis Galembo The Robing of the Bride Kim Keever Charlie Immer James Roper Aj Fosik

Benin - photo - Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou

Benin's Mysterious Voodoo Religion Is Celebrated In Its Annual Festival by Dan Kitwood :: Ouidah, Benin

Parking Lot Hydra © Estelle Hanania

Personal project Interview by Alexis Vaillant Where do the creatures you photograph come from? They are hybrid beings that come out of hiding once a year, scare people away, and haunt the minds of famers, children and photographers like…

via National Geographic: Europe's Wild Men - Photo Gallery Photograph by Charles Fréger SWITZERLAND Sauvage at Carnival

freaky , odd , curious surreal and fun performance art photography French photographer Charles Fréger has been traveling throughout 19 European countries and trying to capture the spirit of what he calls “tribal Europe” in his “Wilder Mann” series