Roll balls of icing and vary the sizes, group together to form a 'cloud'.Roll out separate pice of icing (big enough to cover 'cloud').Sprits 'cloud' lightly with water and drape icing sheet over the top. Use brush to smooth over and get in to the creases....ta da!!

Realistic Clouds - Pinner Says: These are the best. **I use them for clouds, bushes, and trees**! I will never make different clouds again!

分享一些超轻粘土的教程,需要购买粘土的可以找我,淘宝上搜索【艺乐粘土】 每套在原价基础上可以优惠3-5元不等,因为粘土本身就没有太高的利润,遇到就是缘分,结个缘吧!~ 教程来自-小鬼

How to make fondant mickey! ( well the instructions are for clay, but you can use fondant instead) mickey mouse minnie mouse