Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?


drama queen ain't got no business being all up in your friends' faces.

I like that he changed his look but i will never compare something to god because he is perfect and humans are not(sorry peeps its just me) but yeah Awsome sauce!

Young Zayn: "God is our saviour" Older Zayn: "Yo, why are you worshipping yourself"

19. "Why don't you stay. Why don't we go there." from "Why Don't We Go There?"

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We love you zayn

He'll forever be a part of One Direction. He might've left one direction but one direction will never leave him.

I could never stay mad at Zayn. Even after all this "Zaughty" bs

I could never stay mad at Zayn. >> unless he decided to quit the band in the middle of the tour and goes recording in studio when he claims to want "to be a normal 22 year old", in which case there could be some possiblity.

It can't get any truer than this

Kinda makes you wonder though. Cuz in This Is Us there was that bit where he said the he had a 'sick time' being in :/