Harry Styles (sorry if this is annoyingly long) [go pack go]

Haha whoever took these pics was hiding in the bushes

Harry Styles | driving in LA 4.15 |

Who even took these haha you would literally have to be stanDING there while he notices your presence as you snap a photo and then what like run away

Baby look what you've done to me

hes ljp njh lwt

Harry Styles

one does NOT just type harry styles one fangirls like crazy and writes "harry adorable styles I cant even"

Harry Styles>>> I don't know if its just me but his style in clothing is hot!!!

"You got that long hair slicked back, white T-shirt." Is it just me or does Harry really wear white shirts too much these days? Maybe it's because I've started noticing it.

Chest pains<<< OMG THE FEELS I CANNOT TAKE IT! MY LITTLE BRADFORD BAD BOY :"( Do you hear me cry??

Chest pains -- Zayn finally rode a roller coaster but not without holding the love of his life hand

One Direction Photoshoot 2014

Not unexpectedly, 'Best Song Ever' is also the top entry on Streaming Songs at No. 3 with million U. The title’s entry marks the Streaming Songs chart’s highest bow since PSY’s “Gentleman” debuted at No. 1 the week of April 27 with million plays.