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Smoking Kids: girl dressed in pink against green wall smoking cigarette. Flemish photographer Frieke Janssens poses young children with cigarettes.

Começamos a terça-feira com a ilustração de Eero Lampinen #bomdia #tercafeira #arte #ilustracao #arteurbana #jardim #paisagismo #faunaeflora #eerolampinen #universoonassis

jack-naive:invented word of the day: aromate [aye-ro-mate]n. a platonic friend who’s pretty much your soulmate but in a friend way. you’d totally hold their hand and take them out to movies though. —Caeden Xavier illustration by Eero Lampinen

David Catrow – American cartoonist and character design illustrator

Illustration Ltd exclusively represents David Catrow, an American artist, cartoonist and Illustrator of children’s books. David specializes in animal illustrations, characters design, art direction and painting.

Keith Negley | dessins & peintures

Keith Negley- Here& a peek at my piece Demon Dog for the upcoming LGAL Skateboard Show ‘Skate or Die’, opening Oct.

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Yuschav Arly is a self-taught artist from Bali. In his clean, minmalistic illustrations Yuschav portrays beautiful women completely built in vector shapes.