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Being a Scorpio: I'm seriously the nicest and meanest person you will ever meet. Now duck off and have a great day.

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Morning coffee

And everyone knows that Mondays suck. "I'm not saying I hate you, what I'm saying is that you are literally the Monday of my life.

What I do when someone honks to get me out of my parking spot faster ...

Someone just honked to get me out of my parking spot faster so now I have to sit here until both of us are dead.

I used to be sane

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MY MOM! Hands down!!

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34 Funny Quotes And Sayings

34 Funny Quotes And Sayings

thank god i don't have to hunt for my food; I don't even know where tacos live.

I dare you!! I'm going to tell my kids this since they are always asking me. Lol

So gonna start saying this. Start this 6 Week Emergency Makeover Program and look and feel the best you ever have!

Lmao omg that is sooooooo true

I think that goes for really anything, not just parenthood. parents call your name from distant room; friend asks the same question for the millionth time, all "for fuck's sake" moments

Corny but cute-:)

39 New Funny Quotes You're Going To Love - Lol! I thought juicing was bad. No 'roids and all.

ummm... I sit in my room and write, then my brain is fried so if I have time I watch TV... that's about it.

SO TRUE! But the sad thing is that my life is boring and I realize how bad it is.