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Lingering Garden, Suzhou. Spaces on spaces

glimpse through a moon gate

The Humble Administrator Garden is considered to be the finest garden in  southern China.  The garden's site was initially the residence and garden of Lu Guimeng - a Tang Dynasty scholar. Later it became part of the Dahong Temple. In 1513  Wang Xiancheng an Imperial Envoy and poet of the Ming Dynasty appropriated the temple. When he retired in 1510 to his native Suzhou after long service in the East Imperial Secret Service he began work on this garden in collaboration with the renowned…

The Humble Administrator Garden is considered to be the finest garden in…

HUMBLE ADMINISTRATOR'S GARDEN is the largest garden in Suzhou & is considered by some to be the finest garden in all of southern China. The garden was built for an imperial envoy, who retired to his native home of Suzhou on the occasion of his father's death. He had experienced a tumultuous official life punctuated by various demotions and promotions, & gave up his last official post to work on the garden. It took 16 years, until 1526, to complete.

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Ring, Manjushri (Wenzhu) Monastery, Chengdu, Sichuan.

I had the pleasure of visiting Chengdu during my time in China. I am just in love with the gardens and architecture of Asia.

Chinese Classical Garden, Suzhou - Chinese Classical Garden, Suzhou

Chinese Classical Garden, Suzhou - Chinese Classical Garden, Suzhou The centre court is a space for interaction between the Chinese family during the past.

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Japanese garden-round mirror or window.

Lingering Garden Moon Gate, Suzhou China

Lingering Garden Moon Gate, Suzhou China (where I had my first 'date' with my…



The Classical Gardens in Suzhou provide a strong sense of security and privacy. The gardens reflected the owners' characteristics and sometimes illustrated their ideal or ambitions. Normally, these gardens were built for their life after retirement. Therefore, these gardens are enclosed by high walls to isolate from the outside world. And this picture shows a threshold used frequently in classical gardens.    These arches limit people's view and the twisted path makes a sense of wandering.

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Couple's Retreat Garden, Suzhou, China

Couple's Retreat Garden, Suzhou, China

Chinese Garden,  Portland, Oregon

A veranda in a Chinese garden in Portland, Oregon, USA

Perfect to eliminate grass that needs to be cut. Plant mangoes and other fruits along the borders.

Japanese Exterior: Zen balance with dark and light, harmonious mix with nature

Huntington Library Chinese Garden.

Huntington Library Chinese Garden view during a sizzling hot day at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.


Part of a zen garden path that leads to the pool area

A gate at a Chinese garden residence, most of them were built during the Ming Dynasty more than 300 years ago.

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Alnwick Castle Gardens - Alnwick Northumberland, England. (Photo via Kimbery on Indugly.)

landscape design ideas ,tree Tunnels in Alnwick Castle Gardens. The Alnwick Garden is a much more recent addition to the tourism scene in Northumberland. It is a contemporary garden, “a magical landscape design ideas”