Free tutorial on how to make a Sugar Dahlia - Wedding Cakes by Krishanthi.

{There is a nice "How to Make Sugar Dahlia" tutorial for this pretty Dahlia by Cakes by Krishanthi}

Muccasbronza: Tutorial : La margherita realistica

{Quick tutorial for creating a Daisy flower by La Mucca Sbronza} Step-by-step tutorial for making a realistic gumpaste daisy.

Ruffle Pom Pom Tutorial by Miss Piggy's Cakes -

Ruffle Pom-Pom Tutorial to your Cakes - For an EASY and ACHIEVABLE Cake Flowers Look, just add some fondant cut into shapes of Leaves using a cookie cutter!

pink sugar flower by Cuppy Puppy Mommy Joanna, via Flickr

trying to see if I can get a nice 'holding-the-flower-pose'. I love it! My flower is so pretty, Jacqueline of Petalsweets will be proud. I learned to make these from her, she taught them to me during a private class in San Diego last year.