The harvest's bounty in the center of the table, elegantly presented with accents of silver and gold.

Featured Wedding of the Week: Vintage Estate Soiree

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Tea cup in turquoise with a big pink flower - beautiful table setting inspiration for a tea party

"A Little Princess it's always tea-time " -Lewis Carroll, Alice in... ❤ liked on Polyvore

Shabby Chic Vintage Pale China Tea Cups & Pink Pastel Rose Photo by Zila Longenecker

Daisy Pink Cupcake: ~Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party~

hello naomi: cella's tea party featured in cosmo pregnancy and the party dress magazine!

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Honey harms the bees. Did you know that bees feel pain when they are exploited for their products, such as beeswax? It is impossible for beekeepers to prevent hurting bees when they are extracting the wax from them. Added to this, bees produce honey .


Chilled Soups - Wedding Bridal Shower Ideas: Food Recipes, Decorations, and More Entertaining Tips - Southern Living. Tiny demitasse or delicate teacups used for soup rather than tea. Maybe even fruit can be served.

How to choose the right tea strainer for your tea. (ETS images – montage by A.C. Cargill)

Choosing the Right Tea Infuser/Strainer

Forget the teabag and steep your loose leaf tea in an infuser…or even in a strainer. Infusers are one thing. Strainers are another. But sometimes a strainer can double as an infuser.