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My brother just brought this up " at what point do they tell them to stop and actually do things" Jared's a trouble maker

I spent a good amount of time the other day watching the gag reel of each season and this same thought came into my head! Because they had 10 minutes worth of gag reels per season

And then the meal they had at Jody's house. They were so happy just to have a mom cooked meal. << The feels!

Am I the only one who realizes what an amazing surgeon/doctor/nurse Dean could have been if John hadn't screwed him up?

Nurse Dean Winchester Supernatural Red Meat Dean would be a doctor in a life without monsters.

Although I was never crazy about Lisa, this was still heartbreaking, watching Dean lose something he so desperately wanted... again.

Saddest moment ever.later Dean: "If you ever mention Lisa and Ben to me again I will break you nose." His life has been filled with abuse and torture, so he had to give up the only thing that made him happy to keep them safe. I cried


Don't say that word. They'll hear you. Lmao SPN fans for the win! We always hear you. I want that ring. Is that weird?

Dean Winchester- stop it Supernatural posts you're making me want to watch this show....This show already dragged me down to Hell, but it's fun down here!!!!

I want to marry Dean.and cuddle and eat pecan pie and watch tv


I was offended too cause I was wearing one of my plaid flannel shirts and my dad looked over at me and said "you're a villain"

Awww! I loved how Garth like tucked his chin into Dean's shoulder, so cute

Me too 😭 I kind of hope they bring him back this season, but also not because the writers seem to be in a KILLING MOOD with the boys’ old friends (RIP Missouri 😭)

Seriously. I can't believe how young they look too after several years of filming!

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