Veronica Lake: one of the most beautiful woman ever with a hauntingly sad story

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Veronica Lake was an actress who was a diagnosed schizophrenic. At the height of her fame she became an alcoholic and worked as a bartender where she obtained a steady supply of booze. She never revealed her true identity to her co-workers. Those who knew her in the 60's said that the once great beauty had turned into a worn out mess, with rotting teeth, unwashed hair, and the pasty complexion of a bloated alcoholic. She passed away, alone and forgotten at age 50 from hepatitis.

ciao-belle: “Veronica Lake in I Wanted Wings, 1941 ”

Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd

ladybegood: “Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd in This Gun For Hire ”

Veronica Lake 1941

Veronica Lake: Pin-up Style

Veronica Lake and Robert Preston - THIS GUN FOR HIRE

Veronica Lake and Robert Preston - THIS GUN FOR HIRE

Veronica Lake, The Glass Key, 1943.

Veronica Lake in a nightgown. A nightgown. Why were the night gowns classier than todays dresses?

Hedy Lamarr 1940's fashion #hedylamarr #1940sfashion #blackhat

Hedy Lamarr - Photo by George Hurrell

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake

Oh Veronica Lake

Stellar Vintage Veronica Lake in white hairband, turtleneck & coat.

Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea. Clearly these are their robes for lounging by the pool.

Veronica Lake and Joel McCrae

Veronica Lake

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: The Vintage Starlet Parlour April London - Pamper Event - Lipstick and Curls, Hanson Leatherby, Passionate Ab.

Veronica Lake's peek-a-boo hair style. While she did not invent the look, she certainly popularized it, and the sultry, one-eye-concealed look remains a signature look for many female, femme fatale or mysterious characters.

Veronica Lake, american stage and film actress, also well known for her peek-a-boo hairstyle. This says Veronica Lake, but it looks more like Lauren Bacall.

Rita Heyworth - Gilda

1946 - Rita Hayworth as Gilda

Rita Hayworth Spanish dancer Eduardo Cansino's daughter Margarita studied dancing beginning in her girlhood. At age 12, the mature-looking Rita joined Eduardo's stage act, in which she was spotted three years later by Fox studio head Winfield R. Sheehan, leading to her first studio contract and film debut at age 16 in Dante's Inferno...

Gilda Farrell From Gilda

Rita Hayworth in a Jean Louis gown in "Gilda" 1946

13 vintage photos of Old Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr:

In Photos: Hedy Lamarr's Old Hollywood Glamour

13 vintage photos of Old Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr: