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Another good reference for Celtic style dragon head and scales, tail and limbs.

Dragon love Anne Stokes work and I have this picture and several others that I bought at Green Earth.

La croisée des chimères: Scions - Celtes !

Epona was the ancient Celtic Horse Goddess who protected horses and their owners. Epona was worshipped in a variety of different aspects. The Irish knew her as Macha, the Goddess of War.


illustration of a girl painting while sitting on a dragon's head in the middle of piles of books

Purple dragon

Dragons are Kaiju (just smaller ones) Dragon ~~ ravine- river wyvern by *nebezial on deviantART


"Eesa" by Tatchit. This creature looks so cool! It looks a lot like a mixture of a wolf and a fox. Most of it screams fox to me except the tail