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Cinnamon has many health benefits. Also, a study showed that for menstrual pain, cinnamon beat Ibuprofen. #naturalhealth #pain

Cinnamon for Menstrual Pain Beats Ibuprofen

Diet Food Everyone knows how delicious cinnamon is! The strong seductive smell reminds many of us of our favorite foods & desserts. However cinnamon is

Living in a country synonymous with all kinds of spices from bay leaf and carom to mace and pepper, it’s foolish not to realize and utilize their wondrous benefits. One such hidden gem in our spice rack is the clove. This frequently used spice in Indian kitchens has been used as a remedy to provide instant relief from toothaches. Remember your childhood days when your grandma applied a drop of clove oil to your gums? Well, this oil has numerous other benefits to offer too.

22 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Oil (Laung ka Tel)

Along with being great remedy for toothache, clove oil also has benefits for your overall health. Learn more about benefits of clove oil and how to make it

16 Great Uses for Cucumbers – They’re not just for eating! - Includes fitness and beauty tips . . . And not one tip about sex!

Cucumber surely tastes really good. But people are now aware of its other benefits. So HNBT brings to you health benefits of cucumber and beauty tips.

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Yarrow leaf uses

Yarrow leaf stops bleeding on contact! The ancient Greeks were using it to stop bleeding in battle. It works on hemorrhaging, and all bleeding.

Mint for asthma treatment http://get-selfhelp.com/category/home-remedies/


Moringa Plant Based Superfood.  email me rebecca.cuddlebaby@gmail.com when YOU are ready  :)

Moringa Tea

Moringa Plant Based Superfood I'm trying this right now, and I'll let you know how it goes. But I personally know people who have fibromyalgia that have taken this, and have seen significant improvement in the quality of life!

Janiye Tej Patta (Bay Leaf) Benefits in Hindi  Adhik Jankari ke Liye:- http://hrelate.com/bay-leaf-benefits-in-hindi/ #Food

21 Benefits of bay leaves for health and beauty with excellent nutrient it could relieve, gas remedies, and preventing health problems.