Tracy Anderson’s ultimate leg workout. #FitForFashion #TracyAnderson #NETAPORTER

Work this season's sporty silhouettes with confidence. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson reveals how to tone your shoulders in time for summer in our exclusive video.

You don't need to attend a pricey yoga studio to get a great workout—these videos prove it.

The Best Free Yoga Videos on YouTube

▶ The Yoga Studio with Mandy Ingber |love your body into shape.

Welcome to our new video series with Hollywood's favorite yogi. This week, discover how to shape and tone your arms like an A-lister.

Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Moves for Flat Abs: actress's goddess-body secret? Yoga teacher Mandy Ingber, whose holistic approach works because it creates balance—trimming your core and centering your mind. Use Ingber's poses and mantras to sculpt A-list abs of your own.

Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Moves for Flat Abs

Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Moves for Flat Abs: Low Boat. From Self Magazine

Strike a Yoga Pose: Goddess

Strike a Yoga Pose: Goddess

Tone your Tush! - Goddess Pose: Lift your torso and turn both feet out, so your heels are pointing in. Bend your knees and elbows at 90 degree angles, holding Goddess pose for five deep breaths.

Y7 Yoga Class Review

Get Happy and Toned With This Yoga Series From Jennifer Aniston's Trainer

Celebrate the start of Winter with a little yoga. Mandy Ingber's yoga for happiness