Buddhist monks in yellow and orange robes in a city park chanting, "What do we want?" The leader is yelling into a megaphone.

No. 1 in a series of unlikely events

Social work is such meaningful, worthwhile work that I've decided to sell my Porsche and give up my lucrative law practise to join you!

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Cat says, who know how many years of yoga amp; they still cant even lick their own butts.

Waschanleitung für Männer - Waschanleitung,trocknen,waschen,bügeln,Zettel,Etikett

A Simple Guide to Fabric Care Symbols.Dug this legend to the baffling pictographs on clothing care labels recently posted by TechnicallyRon, and related commentary on why pictographs often fall short by Thomas Byttebier.

Therapy humor again

I never really joke about therapy. I think it can be extremely useful, especially since some doctors are a little trigger happy when it comes to doling out prescriptions (I don't oppose drug therap.

welcome to my world...

I'm not aloud OT but yet have tons of work & piles up, not my fault it's not done!

Social worker humor!:

Don't make me use my Social Worker voice! Lol Jay calls me out on my social work voice all the time!

I understand that yoga helps you face stressful moments, Ms. Daggie, but it’s really time for us to get on with the interview (yoga fun, humour & laughter) .