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Love yourself!

let them go, they need to leave. you have your dearest and closest as they will always be. don't fight to keep people in your life; the sweetest will stay and the sour will leave.

My Life

You won't figure out who you really are by pleasing people..' ~ Don Miller / so only say yes to things when you really mean it, and say no when you don't. Don't fall into the trap of living for the praise of people, because often they're just as broken as we are, and words can be so cheap. So don't let people pleasing take away who you truly are - it certainly ain't the best for you!

Be true to yourself first. Be nice, be respectful, and be kind, but don't live your life to please others. I am a recovering people pleaser, is that ok?

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Remember this

I absolutely love this saying! Be courageous not comfortable with where your at. GOD didnt call us to live comfortable lives, but lives that please him.

Letting go isn't about having the courage to release the past; it's about having the wisdom to embrace the present. - Image quote by Steve Maraboli

Love this 1 !!!!

I seriously hope he realizes it and I already have someone else that treats me good.<<<I hope he doesn't treat you "good" but rather he treats you *well* with proper respect and love.