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Exo Facts. He is too tall....

EXO facts - holy crap, that's about It seems that everything I hear about SM points to it being totally full of shit. I've yet to hear positive things.

Exo Facts ♡ Me too Chen

He's seriously like me cuz I ever did a presentation in class even tho I'm a grader

This is why I hate fanart of kpop just imagine how uncomfortable they feel, seeing images of them being naked and what not.

Exo Fact awwwwwww poor bebe << I laughed way to hard, sorry Kris. (That moment you still are a Taoris shipper.) sorry Kris.

EXO Facts #697 ♥

EXO Facts yehh cus sehun has a crush on luhan, only logical explanation.

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Luhan and Sehun playing games and using Kris as the punishment.