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Just EXO things~

Just EXO things hahahahaha~ XD Allkpop Meme Center


When ppl say all kpop boys look like girls >:(

Honestly I would chose not having water than having periods any day, but without them I would not be a virgin

exo showtime kai chanyeol i don't think this it real but i laughed so hard

Instagram photo by kpopfanfr - My friend is a troll XD exo

So true, my friend fell down the stairs in front of two 'hot' ( in her opinion) guys, and I just laughed at her.am I a bad person?

Doesn't happen to me, but still had to pin it. :)

Ok I have to admit sometimes I do dance but usually it's a sibling or parent who looks in the room😊

So truuue

So True! I would freak more if I saw a Korean Celebrity or K-Pop Singer, rather than an American star. I would really freak if that person was "Kim Jong In (KAI)" of EXO or "Kim Tae Hyung (V)" of BTS!