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Levi SNK spongebob crossover.... I'm just crying a little :'(

Levi SNK spongebob crossover ~~~ ahhh this was upsettinggggggg squad Leviii

At first I was like "Aaaw, so cute!!" Then when I got to the end I was like "NOOOOO WHY U GOTTA HURT ME LIKE THAT?!":

This is Cute but Sad.Levi smiled before he woke.Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

Some times the expressions match but not allll the time

Ok the thing I love most about this entire post is the fact that he's eating carrot ice cream and there's a horse on the sign

Poor Jean eating carrot ice cream just proves he's a horse😂-chu😘

some facts about Levi and Eren (mostly Levi)  Eren (atleast in Titan form) is pretty tall ammiright ;)

some facts about Levi and Eren (mostly Levi) Tall people huh? *looks at Eren with Erwin next to him* *pushes Levi into Eren* GET SOME *runs away*