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Cuidemos Las Playas = Take Care Of The Beaches

Women’s Everyday Problems Illustrated By Romanian Artist

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"Alternatively, there is actually a third kind, where the reaction depends on the player character's current skill!" I alternate between both of these X'D

Cuando Eres Feo Pero Eres Adicto A Las Selfies

By: Héctor Alberto

Screwed Up, Perms

Sarah C. Andersen ☆

You Will Probably Laugh For Hours Once We Show What Its Like To Be A Modern Woman

Sarah C. Anderson takes a funny look at what it's like to be a modern woman in her web-comic “Sarah's Scribbles.

Por más que lo quiera o intente, jamás podré superar estas imágenes.

44 Imágenes que te harán reír durante 2 años seguidos

Une histoire avant de dormir - Please bedtime story !

Ilustración lugar perfecto para introvertidos

20 Ilustraciones que sólo las chicas introvertidas podrán entender

There is a collection of what I can only assume are well meaning misconceptions about Introverts. I for one wish to dispel some of these negative connotations and remind everyone that Introverts ar…

Espero no emcontrar los mios

Dolores Delano :3

Jajaja xD que sad

Marmaduke Comic Strip   for Dec./05/2014 on GoComics.com

Marmaduke by Brad Anderson for Mar 23, 2018

The joys of dog ownership 👍

Okay - El misterio del hombre que no miraba su smartphone

el hombre que no miraba su smartphone

Pen by hPolawBear.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Pen by hPolawBear So did this today (teacher looked at me and laugh)

rayshippouuchiha: “ rasec-wizzlbang: “ emmastory: “ oh, here I am ” this is the most relatable post I’ve run into on this site ” honestly feeling so attacked right now ”

When you've decided today will be the day you start wearing lighter colors. ( my life right now ommmggg)



Island-ception >>> it's called Vulcan Point island!

My phone is addicting lol

Donald Trump would deport this joke