If Mode Bike... foldable bike!

If Mode Bike

Pacific Cycles - IF Mode Bike by Mark Sanders Areaware

my bike. when it comes out. TY Yves Behar! It's fun & I won't fall off!

Smaller version of the traditional Christiana tricycle. Designer Yves Behar of Fuseproject has created a tricycle for local living

ANOTHER BIKE: another step closer to ZEN  The Camioncyclette Transportation Bike

Camioncyclette, Like a Shopping-Cart You Can Ride

Is the Camioncyclette a bike with too many baskets attached, or is it just a giant, ride-able shopping-cart? According to designer Christophe Machet, it's in fact a "transportation bicycle", and can carry up to 330 pounds in those wiry receptacles.

Just so Good

Photo: The Secret Ingredient is Love Our friends at know beautiful design, but they're really surpassed themselves with the Dutch Master super-duper-limited edition bike. The goal is to celebrate New York bike culture, and an heritage of

Folding Bike

Folding Bike

Folding Bike Because I'm living in Amstelfuckingveen at the moment and working in Haarlem I have a folding bike. Or better I have 2 folding .

Vintage Bicycle Photograph Yellow Aqua Retro Bike Wall Art Beach Bicycle Art 8x10

Vintage Bicycle Photograph Yellow Aqua Retro Bike Wall Art Beach Bicycle Art I want a bike like this!

bike for property transportation -Custom built porteur bicycle

Table of Contents: The Wedding Party

The ultimate DIY bicycle? This chrome porteur-style bicycle, designed by Detail Creative Industries in East Yorkshire, is (mostly) one of a kind.

Dream Lover come rescue mee....

I don't 'do' pink but would make an exception for this. Such a pretty bike.

openhouse-magazine-viks-steel-tube-fixed-gear-urban-commuter-bike-design-indrek-narusk-velonia-bicycles-estonia 1

viks : steel tube fixed gear urban bike : design : indrek narusk : velonia bicycles : estonia

openhouse-magazine-viks-steel-tube-fixed-gear-urban-commuter-bike-design-indrek-narusk-velonia-bicycles-estonia 1

A.F.Vandevorst for Sleepstreet. Those tires are amazing! They almost look like wood.

Vandevorst A.Vandevorst custom made Sleepstreet Bicycle, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Vandevorst items too!