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Second part of [link] So people told me Martin Freeman will be playing Bilbo Baggings (that one I knew) and that Benedict Cumberbatch will be voicing Sm.

We need more Sherlock.<<< yes, I chose the fandom life, and if this is what I must pay for my choices then so be it, WE NEED  MORE SHERLOCK.

I don’t even know how to react to this…

Yeah, it's time for season This is what happens to Sherlockians when we get bored. Pretty soon people are gonna start shooting walls. oh well I love tunalock

Another thing that happened before season three: we have radically changed our opinion of Anderson.

Before Season -Anderson became the good guy. Revise: the good guy who ACTUALLY DID HIS RESEARCH. (and Sherlock is definitely the Sherlock fandom right now)

Due to scheduling unfairness I mean non-correspondence, I'll be avoiding all fandom related Pinterest posts, starting New Years and continuing until Sherlock airs in Murica, in hopes that I'll remain pure and unadulterated by spoilers (Sweetie). Ugh.

We can not wait two weeks. We still must deface each and every picture. We are excited.

I don't think I'll ever be able to watch an episode of Sherlock without imagining him singing this XD

Only Sherlock Holmes would sing like Willy Wonka at a Crime Scene.don't you just love John's response though?

Sherlock and John postcard by ~AnnaCarrota on deviantART

Sherlock and John postcard by ~AnnaCarrota on deviantART