Wait, people have "casual run ins" with him in England? TAKE ME TO ENGLAND<----I live in England and I've never had a "casual run in" with Benedict Cumberbatch nor do I know anyone who has.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the first actor in history to play Sherlock Holmes who has a name more ridiculous than "Sherlock Holmes"

Funny pictures about Ridiculous names. Oh, and cool pics about Ridiculous names. Also, Ridiculous names.

Thank you! I noticed this a while back! Sherlock will perpetually have new things to freak out over.

"It's not actually possible for the victim to have done it, Sherlock. It's not in the rules." "Well then the the rules are wrong." "It was the only possible solution.


and yet, he is every fangirl's dream

"What if he's gay? What if he's a serial killer? What if he's a gay serial killer?" "Hello, have you met the Creepypasta fandom?

revolutionbutcivilisation: can we talk about those shifty eyes. how jim literally looks around, like "man, i hope nobody else saw sherlock being so obvious"

The progression of Sherlock's brotherly love... // [sheds a single tear]

The progression of their friendship makes me want to cry and smile at the same time. I was like awwwww when he was in disbelief that he was john's best friend.


The face of the man we've chosen to love. I will marry the man who can make a face like this and still look ridiculously attractive (Benedict Cumberbatch, ahem).

"The Sherlock fandom has escaped their cages. And Tumblr is at it again." I love my bloody fandom. They make me crack up every single day.

"Thats it, the Sherlock fandom has escaped their cages." I love my fandom.<<<"that's it, the Sherlock fandom has escaped their cages"? Someone help me figure out what the hell that means<<<Not our division.

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It's when he says, "Nope." Just, "nope. I don't blame Benedict.

Moriarty's editing

Moriarty and our crazy, all-knowing fandom <-- this! Our fandom is insanely intelligent! <<< Well, duh, the fandom is about a genius/high-functioning sociopath, what did you expect?