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Merlin Photo Mug Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Merlin 2009-2013 behind the scenes

Colin Morgan Bradley James - Merlin Arthur Pendragon BBC Merlin Don't care what's going on Bradley's face is perfect!

I've decided that y'all should fall in live with this show...mainly because of the witty banter like this...

"You're saying I look like a toad?" "maybe one day you'll magically transform into a handsome prince.magic's outlawed and that will probably never happen." I love Arthur's face after Merlin says this.

He is just too cute!!!

He is just too cute!!!

From one of my favorite doctor who episodes!

Might have been my absolute favorite Doctor Who episode ever. Seriously started shrieking when I saw Colin Morgan. He plays Merlin in the BBC show Merlin.

Arthur and Merlin :)

I love how hilarious all Merlin's little one liners are. The writers really are quite good, and his delivery?---yes petition to rename the show: Merlin's Sass strikes again


Merlin- the most powerful sorcer to ever live. And the loneliest man ever.

signed by the actors

The Adventures of Merlin, a BBC created show now going into season I love the interaction between Arthur and Merlin!

Merlin's Bradley James and Colin Morgan. That jaw line, those cheekbones! Oh my!

Merlin's Bradley James and Colin Morgan aka jaw line jaws and cheeky cheek bones McGee.