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The Book Thief ~

The Book Thief ~ this was when I fell in love with Papa!

The Book Thief ~

Instead of Liesel telling Max what the weather is, she bought snow inside for him. This eventually led to a snow fight and building a snowman.

The story wouldn't have been the same without even just one character. Some are more likable than others but all are a vital part to this beautiful story.

Hans hubberman is an accordianist. Rosa hubberman does laundry, Rudy lights up my world . Max stole my heart . And Leisle is the word shaker. Hitler is a butt hole.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak | Max Vandenburg | Liesel Meminger | edit by @/bookwcrms IG

This scene gives us a peak of Rosas soft caring side. For when Max woke up she knew that she had to go tell Liesel. For she knew how much Max meant to Liesel.

The Book Thief ~ I love Liesle's Dad!

(The Book Thief)

The Book Thief ~ i was so pissed that they didnt show the significance of Max referencing the accordion in the movie. not gonna ruin it for those who haven't read the book yet- but it is powerful. -p.a.

ilsa hermann the book thief My versoin of Ilsa Herman from The book Thief movie. By Anneli du .

The Book Thief

In the book, Liesel finds Rudy's dead body and finally kisses him. This is very significant because Rudy was always asking her for a kiss, although he knew she would refuse. Rudy was in love with Liesel and Liesel was secretly in love with him too.

The Book Thief ~ Rudy❤️ COME BACK!!! (His death scene in the movie was way worse than the book and it had me sobbing)

The Book Thief ~ Rudy❤️ COME BACK! Some day you will be dieing to kiss me (His death scene in the movie was way worse than the book and it had me sobbing)

The Book Thief..this movie was really good, but extremely sad! if you watch it, be prepared to cry!

I personally feels that rudy wouldve won the race if Liesel had waited till go. She couldve at least pecked him on the cheek or something. But the movie wouldnt have been as sad had she done that.

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Liesel & Max -- The Book Thief -- excellent book - mediocre movie