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Not only is this adorable, it implies that while Jo did contemplate having Hermione wind up with Fred, by the time the movie process started she had most likely decided it would be Ron after all.

Emma Watson/Rupert Grint - JK Rowling said they would get married - shipper heart

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

Proof that Ron Weasley didn't realize Hermione Granger was a girl until their fourth year. Apparently, Rupert didn't realize Emma was a girl either!

Emma xxx


It's wonderful how Emma Watson at NINETEEN had a multibillion dollar industry riding on her, and that stress didn't lead to drugs or anything. Like Everyother young star!

An inspiration to us all

Rowling on Harry potter "Rock bottom became the foundation on which I built the rest of my life.

McGonagall looks personally hurt and Snape looks like he's talking to a dumbass that doesn't realize how stupid they are.

This is kinda funny

whenever i see the 'nineteen years later' scene, i always remember them, not so many years ago, boarding the hogwarts express. it makes my heart feel so heavy and it hurts

I mean, Myrtle also wasn't all that helpful when people talked to her so I guess they could've tried. Maybe they went to the bathroom hoping to get answers and instead they found a hysterical ghost wailing and flying through people.

Just what I wanted !!!

Just what I wanted !!!