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Lol true -- they can be headstrong while I'm raising them... lol, when my cats act up...I tell them I'm queen kitty... they simmer down

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I need to remember that although it might be hard having such stubborn kid right now, it is a blessing because they will always fight for what they want and believe in.

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I just got a Cheerio stuck between my toes walking through the kitchen. Clearly my dog isn't doing his part of the chores around here.

LOL....I felt like this many times!

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LOL Very accurate!

Post with 11132 views. My friend (a dad) posted this to fb today. I think I'll stick to cats and dogs.

Lmao omg that is sooooooo true

I think that goes for really anything, not just parenthood. parents call your name from distant room; friend asks the same question for the millionth time, all "for fuck's sake" moments


Funny pictures about Adulthood is like the vet. Oh, and cool pics about Adulthood is like the vet. Also, Adulthood is like the vet.


My Promise To My Children oh yes so true. I do so because you are my children. Love you both more than my own life. Some can only look from afar but I do not nor will I ever because I am your parent I am your dad.

Right?  #parenting #funny

If parenthood came with a GPS it would mostly just say RECALCULATING! Rent homeschool curriculum and save!