though dudley having a magical child is unlikely but oh god this is cute <3

Dudley would have known what a prefect was! They have that in the Muggle world as well as the wizarding world! I found that out when I went to muggle primary and had to go up comprehensives for transition things before I went to Hogwarts!


Neville Longbottom is a better human being than Severus Snape ever was

The perfect wizard father. Who has been through terrible things but can come out with love and a smile on his face every time. This would be my dream wizard father.

Harry James Potter - An amazing father and husband Ginny Weasley, James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna are all very lucky!


(Apart from the fact that I doubt Minerva McGonagall would live through the marauders, the golden trio and the twins and then retire. But I love the headcanon!


Harry survived because of lily's love protecting him. Voldemort having a binding oath would not protect harry later on after he killed lily like when he stayed at the dursleys and v couldn't go there ect ect.