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So true, it's tge volcano!♡Capricorns get real quiet when upset. We let it build up, then explode when we have had enough. And it's an ugly sight. LEAVE US ALONE!


This is crazy accurate. Capricorn - I don't put a lot of stock into zodiac stuff, but it's interesting to me how accurate it can be sometimes ;

Capricorn... How to attract one

How to attract zodiac Capricorn. <-- I agree with everyone but the last one, don't show off to a Capricorn, show offs irritate us

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Capricorns have a short and i mean short, almost non-existent tolerance for people who refuse to use common sense. so true!

To be great, is to be misunderstood.

I'm an awkward turtle mixed with a circus elephant. I know so much like the wise elephant but my path is a slow one and a paradox like the turtle.

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A very very very very very angry Capricorn. It most definitely happens. But only if the person does something unforgivable