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Capricorn ~ Personality Don't disrespect a Capricorn. We may forgive, but forgetting is near impossible. Be honest to a fault if possible. Don't get caught up in a lie; Capricorns have long, detailed memories. Keep up & good luck!

I have a very dirty mind. No, I'm not sorry.

My brother is a Capricorn, and he is hilarious!<< I'm a Capricorn, and this is definitely true.

I sleep quite well with weird segmented dreams composed of scenes that do not make sense or have anything to do with each other. Or they are composed of me being friends with one of my favorite celebrities. My mind works in mysterious ways.

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Capricorns. really though. when were young we may be jealous. but as we age. yeah. we just don't like you.

Capricorns are usually never jealous or envious of someone else. They probably just do not like you. Haha so true

The first paragraph is correct, but it goes downhill from there. I use profanities when I'm good and angry and I do raise my voice.

this must mean my capricorn husband drives me nuts from time to time as I also need to use cruel words and profanities when totally pissed off.