Mom can I keep him!i want that one with cake.----SO ME!I saw this with Josh Hutcherson.Both of them are in my basement :D You cant have him or our Dauntless cake

I'm sorry, what?. Does this person WANT to be murdered by us? LET US FIND THE IDIOT AND KILL HIM/HER!

Does this person WANT to be murdered by us? LET US FIND THE IDIOT AND KILL HIM/HER!------>>> I'm just laughing at this, cause this person is so stupid I'm surprised they can read at all.>>>>> this person must be a big idiot

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Get Em' Percy! You deserve Percy not some werid nerdy guy named Bane!<<< Lol that comment though XD

- {My edit give credit} - -  okay so this is another random #Headcanon I thought of! If you repost please give credit  -  All of myheadcanons are here ➡️ #Percypostsheadcanons please don't uses this hashtag -  I cannot tag anyone anymore because we had way too many I'm so sorry I hope you can understand. but you can check our account to see if we posted. I will post something a couple hours later saying I posted some headcanons just in case you missed

I would kill Leo for leaving them that long but YES! And Calypso isn't a demigod. She's the daughter of Titans, right?