Who should Leo date? Not himself, but Calypso.

Haha I think Leo should be with Calypso. Id be interesting, though Percy might be a bit jealous.<<<<<Two thinks one Percy is with Annabeth so she would slap him. And two it will never happen MY LEO WILL STAY SINGLE FOREVER!

"He's all yours" xDD I'd so ship Lazel if Frank didn't exist, to be honest.

I really like Frazel, but if Frank didnt exist, I'm still not sure I'd be cool with Lazel. I ship Caleo. It's one of my OTPs!

im gonna say....percy or leo and I love how I know who is saying what just by the way its written gods I'm obsessed!

But I say Percy. Who else would fall into Tartarus just to stay with his girlfriend? They don't even say who's saying what yet I know exactly :) :P

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leo and calypso headcanon - Google Search

I personally ship Leo and Calypso together. But I also ship Leo and Reyna together. And I'm kind of into Leo and Hazel. Ironic that the one boy without a girlfriend would be at the center of the most ships. <<<---last comment, I SHIP CALEO!

I'm actually pretty curious to see how the rest of the 7 find out about Leo and Calypso

I just love what Jason said about Piper. And how Leo was like, "Abort mission Black horse.