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A tourism poster advertises Odessa, an important Ukrainian port Photograph: Found Image Press/Corbis

Boston (Erdinç Bakla archive)

Cunard line - Lusitania - Liverpool - New York - Boston - 1907 - illustration de Odin Rosenvinge -

Baku travel poster, Russia, 1930s

Soviet travel poster by M Nesterova-Berzina designed for the State Travel Company Intourist (capital of Azerbaijan)

Apr 2016

Bled, Jugoslavija, travel poster (please add credits if you know them. Thanks, Clark Clark Schuetz Steininger)

For Sale on - Original Canadian National Railways Poster: Canada, Right Land For The Right Man, Paper by W Y Calder. Offered by Antikbar Limited.

The art deco-style posters were made in the 1930s by Intourist

Rare posters advertising holidays in the Soviet Union are now for sale

The art deco-style posters were made in the by Stalin's travel agency, Intourist and advertise destinations such as Moscow and Leningrad, Odessa in the Ukraine, Crimea and Armenia.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

Mont Saint Michel original vintage travel poster from 1947 by Starr.  Shop original vintage posters online: www.antiqueposters.com

Vintage Travel Posters - France - Mont Saint Michel Normandie and Bretange This is the original vintage poster from

politics aside, old soviet propaganda art/posters/etc makes for some very cool art

USSR-Ukrainian poster encouraging the space program : RetroFuturism

David Klein by Pia Design, via Flickr

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Azerbaijani Soviet Poster.  It says "Azerbaijan is the Soviet Union's second cotton market!"

It says "Azerbaijan is the Soviet Union's second cotton market!