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Me and My Old Lady on a Pimped Out John Deere Tractor ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails


You know you are a redneck when this seems like an awesome idea.crap I'm a redneck

omg my kid will be in a stroller like this. sorry not sorry.

Funny pictures about That baby stroller. Oh, and cool pics about That baby stroller. Also, That baby stroller.

Red neck humor

Redneck Ring Toss - Lawn Games You Can Play with a Toilet Seat - Fail ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

I think she might be related to the redneck prom kids! Follow The Oxygen Bandit

Doughnut cake, cigarettes in bra, guy with hand down his pants, fat dude in a stained denim shirt with white socks and sandals, kids in an above ground pool. It's like I Spy white trash version.

air conditioner repair

ANOTHER PINNER SAID: Hahahaha! I hate to say it, but so many of these "Redneck Ideas" are actually smart! Not aesthetically pleasing at all but in a time of necessity, it works!

This Guy Has a Sense of Humor About his Truck

This Guy Has a Sense of Humor About his Truck

Previous pinner: "This Guy Has a Sense of Humor About his Truck". looking more closely, I further note that the truck carries NSW (Australia) plates, so well played, mate!