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Could you do a nose tutorial? Or like a dump if...

Noses by ~chibiki on deviantART

reference female lips female examples forms side view Okay, MANGA lips are so hard to come by but these aren't manga or anime but gave me some lip ideas ;


I start off with the upper lid shape, then add a curve of the lower lid and from there just add details, like so:

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This is what I was looking for without getting into NSFW territory.

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أيهم خشمك قول بصراحة

how to draw - nose character design references mangá face draws drawing references references inspiration deviantART cute japanese japan anime notmine .

Draw Female Body Types by kelleybean86 on deviantART

Draw Female Body Types by on deviantART: I'm a mix between curvy and Plus-size. I am not ashamed of my body no matter what insults I get. Every body type is beautiful.

Nose Chart Reference by macawnivore  NOSES!

senshistock: Nose Chart Reference by macawnivore ...

deviantart: “ Here’s a nifty chart for the next time your faceless character needs a nose! Nose Chart Reference by macawnivore ”