Raised Garden Beds, beautiful design!

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Lay out garden beds so they are horizonally facing south

Great advice for raised bed gardening. suggestion: beds should be horizontally facing south for equal opportunities of plants access to the sun

"Radiating" raised bed design

How To Make a Raised Bed Garden

Article on use of raised garden beds. Studies show gardeners can produce almost two times more veggies and flowers in a raised bed than in the same amount of regular yard space.

Raised Garden Beds

How funny, I just mentioned to J that I want planter boxes. Basics for Building Raised Bed Planters - By Apartment Therapy Main

Alternative Gardning: Raised-bed vegetable garden ~Must remember to also put a sprinkling system into my raised garden beds!

How to build the perfect raised planter bed for-the-yard

How to build the PERFECT RAISED BED. Make a great planting box for your vegetable garden. Your guide to making a raised garden bed. A raised bed is one of the best ways to grow vegetables.


10 amazing ideas for your garden

Raised garden beds recycled from pallets- Link doesn't go to anywhere but easy to figure out.<< Looks pretty simple.

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Wanted raised bed but didn't want to use treated lumber and I can't stand the look of concrete blocks (OCD's kickin' in) THIS is the solution!