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Chicago Metallic Pie Mold | Sur La Table

Chicago Metallic Pie Mold from Sur La Table: perfect for making individual pies!


Multi-blade knife to quickly slice and dice onions, cut leek, celery etc. MUST HAVE in the kitchen!

It’s a toaster that toasts your handwritten message from the board on the top of the toaster into the bread!

It's a toaster that toasts your handwritten message from the board on the top of the toaster into the bread.This seems completely unnecessary but still pretty neat. it wont toast your bread all the way

Pineapple Slicer And Corer

Pineapple Slicer And Corer

Core and slice fresh pineapples quickly and easily with this serrated corkscrew-like tool. Just snap on handle, insert into pineapple, and twist. The results of your simple effort: one perfect spiral of sweet pineapple, complete with healthy juices!

Wilton® Brownie Cup Pan

Gadgets: Brownie Cup Pan by Wilton

Wilton® Brownie Cup Pan - makes brownies in the shape of small bowls - perfect for a lava cake!

WHAT???? I NEED THIS!!!  Pot pie.... meat pie... veggie pie... cherry pie.... mexican pie..... chocolate pie....   The Personal Pie Maker from Breville. Available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma. I want one!

Half of me thinks this is cheating. Half of me wants to have it and make small pies every day. Williams & Sonoma Breville Pie Maker / I have to stop finding cool kitchen gadgets that I really want!

Nordic Ware Mini Filled Cupcake Pan from SurLaTable - $29.95

Nordic Ware Mini Filled Cupcake Pan at Sur La Table. Now my cupcakes can look even more pretty =)

Thrifty's Double Chocolate Malted Krunch Ice Cream....here I come!  She scoops, she scores!

Ice Cream Scoop Stack--just twist and lift to get that hard-to-scoop ice cream. With a simple release push button, presentation can be creative and fun! This so reminds me of getting Thriftys Ice cream

Corn silk remover Bruce says "An evidently utilitarian and innocent benign object that, when pictured in flagrante culinario (sic)" cannot help but make one gasp, giggle and want to share.

Even the clingiest strand is no match for this Corn Silk Remover. Just run this clever brush up and down the cob and those annoying strands of corn silk are captured and removed. Won’t hurt the kernels. i so need this at work!

OXO® Corn Peeler | Sur La Table

OXO Corn Peeler

OXO Corn Peeler: The curved blade makes it easy to cut perfect kernels from the cob.-- cuz he's always wants me to cut the corn off.

Herbal Back Wrap | Solutions

Herbal Comfort Back Pac, Pain-Relieving Heating Pack. After a long day at a computer or hours of gardening, this herbal heat pack will deliver muscle-soothing relief to your neck and shoulders, and down the full length of your back.

Smiley Face Pancake Pan ✿

Smiley face pancake pan // I need this! What a happy idea! i neeeed this =) soo cute my man loves when i make him pancakes, but smiley-face pancakes even better.

Silicone Rolling Pin Rings - Roll dough to precise thickness with this set of rolling pin guide rings.

Shop Silicone Rolling Pin Rings, to roll dough to a precise thickness//Great Idea!