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Mustang stallion

Picasso-White Spots… A wild mustang living in the Sand Wash Basin…covered with interesting markings…

The Black Stallion Fine Art Wild Horse by WildHoofbeats on Etsy

The Black Stallion - Fine Art Wild Horse Photograph - Wild Horse - Adobe Town - Fine Art Print

Mustang Stallion named Blue

Blue, A RiverHerd stallion, bold, open-minded and stern he watches over the foals of the herd so they are not stollen.

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Wild-horse advocates are challenging U.S. Bureau of Land Management plans this summer to round up the famous Kiger and Riddle Mountain mustang herds in eastern Oregon, arguing the agency is developing a “master breed” of wild horses exhibiting characteristics of old Spanish bloodlines that are popular with the public, rather than maintaining wild horses in natural conditions, as the law requires.

Beautiful Wild horses sold to slaughterhouses thanks to the BLM Bureau of Land Mgmt. the very agency which should protect them!